More Baking

Once again I needed something to stick in Jim’s lunch so I grabbed some books I’d not used before to see what they might have. I found a recipe for these Banana/Oatmeal/Coconut Cookie Bars in Conveniently Vegan by Debra Wasserman and away I went.

They were really simple to make, just mix everything in a bowl, press it down in a tin, bake and then cut into squares once cooled. I used agave nectar rather than maple syrup as I’m out of it and they came out really nicely.

Jim isn’t too sure about them but I will get him to actually properly try one soon. Unlike the peanut butter bars I made these stay in one piece as well which is always a bonus!

I have been trying to bake my own bread for about a week or so now, have had two goes at it and I’m almost getting it I think. I am just using the recipe off the back of the bread flour for now and once I can master that with success I will start going through my bread books and trying harder things.

The first loaves I made were too small, they had risen well and everything, there just wasn’t enough dough in each tin to make the size bread I wanted to make. So this time I used just one tin and my result was this giant loaf of bread!

Jim thought it was incredibly funny and he only has to have 1 slice for his sandwich as it’s so huge. So, I now know that the ideal amount of dough for a loaf I want is smack between the two amounts and I have written the recipe down on a piece of paper and stuck it to my fridge so next time I can get it right! I want to make two loaves at a time so I’m not having to do it constantly and hopefully it will become a regular thing for me if I can keep going at it and not wimp out and just buy bread! I still have enough bread flour for about 6 loaves I should think (I kind of went on a flour spree a while back intending to make bread and then never did!) so I shall persevere!


So, what do you think?

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