A Big Shop

I knew this week would be a bigger spend than the previous weeks because 1. I actually have some money again and 2. I had put off buying things like cat litter and instant coffee to save money in previous weeks. I actually don’t think I did too badly for my money though, here’s what I got (Sainsburys and Health Food Shop combined):

organic chick peas, 3 tins of organic chopped tomatoes, 2 packs of organic juice boxes, chocolate soya milk, organic tomato puree, organic fair trade instant coffee, 2 soya milks, organic vanilla soya milk, organic cereal, organic plain flour, 3 packs of yogurts (one organic), yellow food colouring, organic soba noodles, corn tortillas, organic pasta, rooibos vanilla tea, organic garlic, recycled toilet rolls, organic onions, organic bananas, organic frozen peas, a lemon, cat litter, 8 tins of cat food (I had to borrow one from my sister so I got 1 extra to give back to her!), dry cat food, soya margarine, baby formula for Piggle, cheezly, 2 packs of organic puddings and organic tropical squash.

I spent a total of £50.69 (£10.29 in the health food shop, £1.99 for the baby formula after coupons and £38.41 in Sainsburys, around $91). So with the fruit and vegetables that’s £67.69 (around $121). Next week I can go back to a smaller list again as I won’t have so many ‘basics’ that need stocking up on and hopefully we won’t eat all the bananas by Tuesday meaning that I have to get more or deal with the wrath of a 5 year old who doesn’t have a banana in his lunchbox! The coffee, tea and cat litter alone set me back £8.50 and all of those will last me over a month and won’t run out all at the same time.

Oh, I should probably add the additional £2 I spent on recycled toilet tissue as after complaining to my sister that the price had gone up by 20p a pack (it’s the first price rise I’ve noticed in what I’ve bought) she said that her local supermarket was doing it at half price (only £1 for 4 rolls) so I had her pick me up two packs which means we won’t be buying any toilet rolls for a couple of months I shouldn’t think!

So, one week to get all the bits that I ran out of and now back to the buying as little as possible each week. I am actually enjoying the challenge of seeing how much I can make from what I have (and I’ve not bought bread for weeks in case you’ve not noticed!) and I’ll keep it up until I run out of things to use, which could be quite a while looking at how many pulses alone I have in the kitchen!


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