Potato and Kale Enchiladas with Roasted Chile Sauce

This photograph shows why I am a home cook and not a food stylist. I tried to get it on the plate nicely so the presentation was good but it just wasn’t having it! The plate in the background is Jim’s, he insisted that ‘wrappers’ (his name for Mexican food in general) weren’t proper wrappers without cheese.

This recipe has been doing the blog rounds of late (Veganomicon is the cookbook that would not die, usually the buzz about a book has calmed down this long after publication but this one is still going strong a year on and with good reason) and I admit to being inspired by a photograph I saw on a blog (sorry to say I can’t remember which one now, but their picture was much better than mine!) and when I got rainbow chard in my vegetable box this week I knew that I was going to give these a go.

The recipe says that it takes 1 hour to make this dish, but it took me 1 hour before I even got it in the oven and is perhaps the winner of the title for the most pans and dishes ever used by me to make dinner on a weeknight (4 pans, a pie dish and a baking dish).

However, saying all that the taste was lovely, the vegetables are really limey and the sauce is so tomatoey that it tastes really really rich even though there is no reason for it to be. The combination of the sauce and the vegetables with the corn tortillas is great and the pumpkin seeds were a nice touch, giving them just a little crunch here and there. It was enjoyed by all for dinner and then lunch the next day for Piggle and I (and I have frozen one for a future Piggle meal).

So, what did I change besides the kale to chard (I know I’m guilty of not following recipes to the letter even the first time I make them, I just can’t help myself!)? I used about half a jalapeno rather than 3 green chiles as I didn’t see any in the supermarket and I’m still trying not to buy too much as you know. I used 3/4 of a tsp of chile powder rather than the 2-3 called for (but didn’t add any coriander like I was considering in my last chili powder musings as I was so caught up with all my pans it slipped my mind). The only other thing I changed was to roll the tortillas individually instead of in pairs. The recipe calls for 12-14 tortillas and over here they come in packs of 8 so I made 8 smaller ones knowing that the boys were going to eat them and probably could only manage 1 each (and I was right). Oh, I also didn’t save any sauce for serving with them, instead I just dumped it all in and it worked out ok, I may put more underneath and less on top next time though so I get more crunchy bits on the tortillas as that’s my favourite bit.

The chard worked really well and amused Jim as he’d never had something pink for his main meal before. This is actually a pretty healthy dish although it sounds and looks like it may not be and I was happy that both the boys enjoyed it.

I will most likely make this again but I am prepared now knowing how long it takes me to make it (perhaps I am slow with the vegetable chopping or something) so I won’t attempt it on a night when I’m pressed for time.

Go on, give it a go, you know you want to!


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