Stir-Fried Savory Noodles and Vegetables and Cake

It was my Mother’s Birthday so we invited her over for dinner, let her pick off the menu what she wanted to eat and made her a cake!

This photo is of the whole amount I made, not one serving!

The stir fry was very easy and very tasty, as are most things I cook from this book. I used 2 tins of mock duck, some french beans my Mother brought with her, broccoli, onion, mushrooms and celery. I used rice noodles rather than the flour and water noodles called for in the recipe, again using what I had to hand, and they seemed to work well. I do find with the rice noodles that although the package says you can just soak them in boiling water they never cook properly so they need to be boiled for a few minutes to make sure they’re cooked right through.

Everyone enjoyed the dish and we ate all the vegetables but not all the noodles as there were tons of them. One to be repeated for sure!

Jim said that I had to make a cake rather than cupcakes as ‘no everyone likes cupcakes’! I decided on the vanilla cake recipe from How It All Vegan (which I’ve used several times before) and doubled the recipe to make enough to fill my newish cake tin which I’d never used.

The cake is really nice but it’s not a light and fluffy thing, it’s pretty dense and nice and moist and it weighs a ton. I ended up cooking it for 45 minutes to get it cooked through in this size tin and all but one little bit of it came out of the tin perfectly.

The icing is the lemon buttercream from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World and it does somehow taste buttery even though it’s got margarine in it. It’s a great combination of sweet (from 2 cups of icing sugar) and sour and it has lemon zest in it too for a little bit of texture. Jim said that we had to colour the icing and after talking him down from bright pink we decided that as it was lemon we should use yellow (thus buying the yellow food colouring earlier in the week and the lemon). He wanted to add sprinkles but after I went through the whole cupboard I discovered that I was totally out (they must have gone out of date and been thrown away when I was packing to move). Jim helped with the icing and did a really good job with the electric hand mixer, he didn’t lift it out of the bowl once, I had visions of a yellow icing splattered kitchen but luckily it wasn’t to be!

I was really happy with the results and my Mother really enjoyed it which was the whole point. Now I just have to get her to take most of it home next time she visits so I don’t end up eating it all!


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