Garlicky Cream of Celery Soup

Again Blogger is spinning my pictures for no apparent reason….

I read on a blog the other day (I really must write down where I see these things as I read to many blogs to remember and I’d like to link to them) which said that they’d always had luck with this book. I have to say I’m not in that camp, I haven’t been that successful using this book and although I adore soup (as you can tell from the weekly menus) it’s not a book I grab all the time to see what I can make from it.

This soup wasn’t too bad. I used dried parsley instead of fresh and omitted the dill as I hate it. Besides that and adding less milk than it called for as I like a thicker soup I made it exactly as the recipe called for. I shouldn’t have added more pepper as the Mrs Dash that I used was really peppery which made the soup quite hot.

I will admit that perhaps it isn’t just the book in this case as I’m not a huge fan of the taste of celery and was just trying to clear out what I had before it went bad. My Mother ate this with the boys (I had to go to a meeting at Jim’s school) and said that they both liked it and she had 2 bowls. By the time I got home I was past wanting to eat much so just ate some of the biscuits that I’d made to go with it and this photo is of my lunch the next day, so perhaps it doesn’t get better with age like some soups do.

So, it was a winner with the woman who loves celery soup, eaten by the kids but not one that I’ll be raring to make again soon.

Perhaps with the review that the other Blogger gave this book though I should visit the book a bit more and give it a fairer try.


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