Curried Pasta with Cauliflower and Chickpeas and Gingerbread Cut-Out Cookies

I’ve made this meal before but it was during my no internet period so it didn’t get posted. It’s basically a very simple combination of pasta (I used wholegrain macaroni as I have lots of it), onion, garlic, cauliflower, tinned tomatoes, curry powder, chickpeas, peas and some milk and flour to make it saucy.

Jim really enjoys this dish except for the cauliflower but for some reason this time Piggle didn’t want to eat it. Perhaps it was a little to curryish (although he likes curry) or perhaps he just wasn’t hungry, who knows, but it’s unlike him not to eat so we’ll see next time I feed him this if it was just this version of it or the dish itself that he doesn’t like.

It makes a ton of food this recipe, there will be plenty of meals for Piggle (which we’ll see if he eats or not!) plus some for lunch for me too which is good now the weather is getting colder and I want something warm for lunch (I’m not a sandwich person unless it’s something special so lunchtimes can be hard if there are no leftovers and it’s too cold for salad).

The only changes I made to this recipe were to add less curry powder and to leave out the raisins as I’m not a big fan and Jim isn’t either. The book says to serve it with salad and flatbread but I personally think this is enough of a meal on it’s own and it doesn’t need anything on the side.

These look a bit burnt but there aren’t, it was just a bit dark in the kitchen and the flash made them look terrible so I didn’t use it!

I made the dough for these cookies in the morning ready for Jim to roll them out and use the cutters we have in the afternoon (you have to refrigerate the dough for a few hours to let it stiffen up). It was a very simple dough to make and it only has quarter of a cup of sugar in it which is pretty damn good for cookies. It does have one third of a cup of molasses in it but that’s still better for you than lots of sugar.

Jim enjoyed cutting them out although the dough was a bit sticky and we had to use a lot of flour to stop it sticking to the counter. He was very pleased with the results and enjoyed picking out which animal he wanted to take to school today. Piggle enjoyed them as well (I made sure we used some smaller shapes for him).

A winner that I’m sure we’ll use again and again as Jim is a big fan of gingerbread men!


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