Carrots and Peas (Gaajar Matar)

This is yet another really tasty dish from this book, I’m really getting into trying new things from it and was a little cautious about this one as it only has the two ingredients (not even an onion added!) and besides that is just spices and some grated ginger.

It was really simple to cook, just heat the spices in some oil, add the carrots and peas and then cover and simmer until they are cooked. It did take a little while as carrots are such a hard vegetable, I put on the brown basmati rice just before I started cooking it and everything was ready about the same time (which is a miracle for me as I’m the Queen of bad cooking timing!).

I didn’t put any chilies in it as I didn’t have any and my boys can’t take the heat but I did add a tiny bit of crushed dried red chilies to it for just a hint of heat. Piggle really enjoyed it as did I but Jim didn’t actually eat anything as he’d been to the after school club while I had a meeting with his teacher and they had fed him spaghetti on toast so he was full up from that (I wonder if any of the other kids eat dinner after having a snack like that there, it seems a bit much to me…). It also reheated well for lunch the next day.

I will definitely make this again if I’m over run with carrots and hopefully Jim will enjoy it when I do!

If you’re reading me in a feed reader rather than at my actual blog you won’t see that I’ve added a box to the top right hand side showing a random selection of my cookbooks. If you want to see my (almost) complete collection of cookery books which took me an entire morning to upload you can find them here. I’d been looking for somewhere easy online to keep track of what I already have as I can get a little confused shopping for new cookery books online as to whether I already own something or not. This site is great as it has pictures for most of the books which means with a glance I can tell whether something is already in my collection.


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