Curried Squash Pear Soup and Rosemary Focaccia

Yet more soup, I do adore it though and the boys seem to enjoy eating it so I will carry on making soup at least once a week. It’s just such a simple dish and you can make it from almost any vegetable which is always handy.

Butternut squash soup has always been a favourite of Jim’s so I try and make sure it shows up every now and again for him, but to keep it interesting for me I like to try out new recipes and I found this one in Extra Vegan Za which is one of my ‘go to’ books at the moment.

It’s a combination of carrots, butternut squash (I used just over half the huge one we got in the box), pears, onion and spices and had a really nice taste and texture. I could only fit 6 cups of water into my largest saucepan rather than the 8-10 cups that the recipe calls for but it was still thinner than I would have liked (it’s hard to feed thin soup to a baby, just goes everywhere!) so next time I make it I have made a note to just use 4-5 cups of water. Besides using less water the only change I made was to puree the entire soup with my stick blender rather than just part of it. Jim prefers smooth soups and Piggle can’t get the hang of a mixture of liquid and lumps just yet so it’s easier just to puree the lot.

The bread was really easy to make but I halved the recipe as we didn’t need a huge loaf of it for just the 3 of us. I also used half white and half brown flour in it and only let it rise for 45 minutes the first time rather than an hour and about 20 minutes the second time instead of 30 as I was running out of time. I also didn’t add any rosemary to the top of the loaf as 5 year olds and ‘green bits’ on their food can sometimes be a problem (he asked me to take the salt off the top of his second piece as it was too much for him). It still seemed to work quite well and the taste was lovely. The only downside of it for me was that it was a bit too bready, focaccia that I’ve bought before now is always thinner than mine was and not as fluffy. I’ll definitely be making it again though as we all really enjoyed it and it worked well with the soup.


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