A Weekend Alone

I eat differently when the boys aren’t here. Obviously when I am feeding my children I feel that I need to give them a balanced and healthy diet but when I’m alone I tend to use up whatever leftovers there are and do quick and simple food that I can throw together and eat in front of the tv or computer (we eat together at the kitchen table for our meals, I grew up doing it and insist upon it), it also gives me a chance to eat stuff that the boys wouldn’t like.

Friday evening I came home and whipped this up (after I got the bread going),

Leftover wholemeal tortillas, my last tin of seitan, the sweet peppers I bought during the week and a large onion fried together for a few minutes and then a bit of hoisin sauce mixed through. Very very tasty meal.

I got the bread cooked and left it to cool overnight before slicing it and putting all but 2 slices in the freezer (we don’t use bread fast enough to keep it out).

Saturday breakfast was a more leisurely affair than usual, no yelling or crying hungry children, no one to feed cereal to and the time to make what I actually wanted for my breakfast. I had fried mushrooms on home made toast with fresh coffee.

After breakfast I went and met my Mother and Father and after a little shopping with them and some lunch (more mushrooms this time with tomato and basil on a panini and more coffee) I went and did the shopping as I didn’t need much and it’s easier to rush in without having to put a baby in a trolley.

I bought 2 packages of organic puddings, organic chocolate milk, cheezly cheddar, organic yogurts, soya cream, tagliatelle, soya milk, an organic green pepper and parsnips. I also got 6 tins of cat food and a packet of night time pants for Jim. In total I spent £8.68 in Sainsburys and £7.70 in the health food shop which is a pretty good £33.88 for the week including the vegetable box (around $60).

After a bit of sewing I made some biscuits for Jim’s school lunches. This was a really simple recipe and they’ve come out really well, I adore the taste of cooked sesame seeds. The recipe is called Sesame Seed and Oat Crunchies and they are actually crunchy which I’m pleased with! There are 3 kinds of oats in them as well, rolled oats, oatmeal and oat bran, seemed a little excessive to me but as I had them all I gave it a go. I have to say though that I much prefer American recipes for baking where you measure things rather than English ones where you have to weigh everything. I find weighing very annoying and time consuming.

Now we just have to see if Jim will eat them or not.

For dinner I did my favourite standby which is caramelised onions over pasta. It’s such a simple dish but oh so tasty. Although both the boys like onions I don’t think they’re ready for a meal that only contains onions as the vegetable so I will carry on enjoying it on my own!

So, that was my Friday night and Saturday on my own… Sunday afternoon saw the return of the noisy duo in the afternoon and back to cooking full meals on Monday (they eat their main meal with their Dad on a Sunday so I only do them a sandwich when they get home).


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