Beans In Leek Sauce and "Ham"

This may not be the most photogenic meal I’ve ever cooked but wow was it tasty! It was a very simple combination of haricot beans, cheezly vegan cheddar and leeks in a white sauce. The boys both wolfed theirs down (first time Jim’s not complained about eating leeks) and I really enjoyed it as well, it was really cheesy and the leeks were just the right flavour to do with that.

As you can see we had roast potatoes with it, the recipe actually suggests this so you have a bit of crunch in your meal. I managed to cook them long enough this time, however the pan I cooked them in seems to be loosing it’s non-stick coating so there were a few potatoes that has to have bits cut off them before they could be eaten, will have to remember not to use it again for this kind of thing and it’s annoying as it’s one of my newest tins too…

I should use this book more often really, there are some really good recipes in it and lots that I would like to try, I will move it to a better position on the shelf so I remember to check it!

The “ham” was made seperately just as an experiment to see if it would be nice in sandwiches. I found the recipe on Just the Food. The smell was great, the flavours really worked well together but the texture really wan’t nice, it was very dry and just not the type of seitan that I enjoy eating. I think I will hold onto the recipe and next time try 3/4 of a cup of vital wheat gluten and only 1/4 of a cup of chickpea flour and see if that makes the difference or not. I fried some of it up and had it with the heated up leftovers of the Beans In Leek Sauce and it wasn’t too bad that way but I couldn’t think how to use up the rest of it. It was develoloped to go in a soup so I’m wondering if when you put it in the soup it soaks up the juices and is less dry. One to play around with anyway.


So, what do you think?

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