Almost All-American Potpie and Simple Seitan

Carrying on with the seitan obsession I made some of the Simple Seitan to go in this pie. The recipe itself is very simple, however the cooking of it on my electric cooker turned out to be anything but. The seitan needs to be simmered gently for an hour, but on my cooker if I put it on 3 it doesn’t simmer at all, switch it up to 4 and it boils… Therefore the texture of my seitan was less than wonderful, a bit spongy on the outside which wasn’t what I was going for.

I have since read in blogland about simmering the seitan in the oven in a covered dish so I will try that next time, at least the oven can maintain a constant heat. My other option is to try another pan and see if that works, but after turning the heat up and down over and over again for an hour I think it’s easier just to bung it in the oven! The taste of the seitan is lovely though, but I do want to try and find some chicken flavour stock cubes (we don’t seem to have them over here) so that my seitan doesn’t taste like vegetables from the stock powder.

I’d noticed that this pie said it took an hour and twenty minutes to make. Remembering that the last recipe I made from this book took me that amount of time before getting it in the oven I set to work as soon as I got Jim home from school and I was glad I did because once again I seem to be the slowest cook in the world and it was just ready in time for dinner even with the early start.

I made the filling first thinking that I would leave it to rest and then have a break before making the pastry. I had to throw away my first lot of chickpea flour as I managed to burn it, the second time I set the heat a lot lower and it all worked out fine. Once I’d finished the filling I looked at the clock and realised I needed to get it in the oven pronto so I went right on to making the crust. My crust was a little bit sticky, probably because I didn’t have time to put it in the fridge to rest before using it.

Next time I will make the pastry earlier in the day so it’s not so much work all in one go. I will also use a taller dish so that I can have thicker pastry as I think the size of this dish made it a bit too thin. However, even with not being cold when it went into the oven the pastry was still very flaky and the pie filling was lovely, just the right combination of vegetables and the gravy was very tasty.

Blogger is turning some of my photographs sideways for no reason again….

I served it with some runner beans and we all really enjoyed it, my Mother came for dinner and she really liked it to and no one commented that the seitan was a little bit spongy which was a relief!


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