Just In Case

Again, blogger is being a pain in the ass and flipping photos however it feels like it…

You think that I always stick to my menu and cook interesting meals every night, behold a night where I really would have ordered a pizza were such a vegan thing available in this area but as it’s not (and we don’t have the funds for that kind of thing anyway) we ended up eating Macaroni cheese with cauliflower.

I was supposed to be making the Cauliflower Lentil Curry from Veganomicon but I couldn’t get myself motivated and I knew that if I just made cauliflower cheese I would have to endure a meal full of ‘I don’t like cauliflower’ comments from Jim which would have sent me over the edge, so I just mixed in some macaroni and only made him eat 2 small pieces of cauliflower and the breakdown was avoided.

The sauce is once again from Yellow Rose Recipes, if I have vegan cheese to spare this is by far my favourite cheese sauce to date.

So, a quick and easy meal and Piggle and I enjoyed the cauliflower!


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