Wheat Meat Stroganoff and Basic Gluten Log

In my quest to find the perfect seitan I came across this recipe on Cake Maker to The Stars which sounded really tasty so I gave it a go. This recipe makes a huge loaf, 3lbs worth of seitan in one go, and I finished off my first bag of vital wheat gluten making it (still got 3 more to go so no panic just yet!). It calls for Creole seasoning but there is a link in the recipe that takes you to a Google search for recipes, I used the one from Gumbo Pages and just made half in one of the little jars I keep my spices in. I realised after I’d used it that I’d omitted the black pepper, but it was plenty hot and spicy without it so it was fine.

You steam this seitan and I only just got it crammed into my steamer pan. It does seem underdone when it’s finished steaming but the notes on the recipe says that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It did get a little firmer overnight but I think if I wanted to use this without cooking it further I would steam it for an hour and a half to make sure it’s fully done, it just seems oddly wobbly to me!

Next time I will puree the onion mixture in the blender rather than the food processor as my onions didn’t get completely blended (as you can see) and I think it would be nicer without bits of onion floating around in it. I had enough to make our dinner and I also have 2 1lb pieces in the freezer for future use so it was well worth the little effort it took to be stocked up on seitan for a while.

Anyway, I made the seitan to go in this lovely Stroganoff from Vegan Planet that I’ve made before using tinned seitan. Apparently I’ve not blogged it before though so here it is!

It’s a really simple recipe with not that many ingredients but lord does it taste lovely when it’s done. I used vegan plain yogurt and a little bit of lemon juice instead of vegan sour cream as I didn’t want to make any and you can’t buy it anywhere I’ve seen. Instead of just putting the seitan in at the end to warm it through I put it in for the full 25 minutes simmering time and it firmed up really nicely and was very tasty.

As you can see with your own 2 eyes I served it over tagliatelli. Jim ate mainly pasta and seitan (brown bits or fake meat as it’s called in our house, he goes to a Catholic school and I’m not sure how well it would be taken if he went to school and said he had satan for dinner!) and Piggle and I ate all of ours and enjoyed it a lot. The leftovers reheated well for my lunch the next day too.


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