Depressing Shopping

Things are very tight this week as it’s the week my rent goes out and drains my account of any available funds. I had to go around Sainsburys adding up everything that I was buying as I knew my funds were limited. Even making this shopping list was depressing as I had to cross off so many things that I ended up re-writing it and then crossed off still more things from it to get it down to something I could actually afford to buy.

I also couldn’t go organic this week which I don’t like. I really feel responsible for getting the best possible food into my boys as I can and organic is a part of that for me. My only consolation is that almost all the vegetables they will eat are organic and the food I buy doesn’t tend to be overly processed or full of additives. Plus it’s healthier than what about 95% of other 5 and 1 year olds are eating, but still, I felt the guilt when I had to look longingly at the organic and then pick up the non.

So, I bought apple squash, organic vanilla soya milk (it only comes as organic), 2 plain soya milk (I did discover that Sainsburys own is cheaper than the Alpro by 20p so I will stick to this brand if they have it in stock, I’d not seen it before), cereal, vanilla custard (instead of the vanilla puddings I normally get Piggle), yogurts, organic plain yogurt (for Jim’s puddings), 2 chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, margarine (the Pure in there was extortionate so I went with the own brand stuff which we’ve never had before so I hope it’s nice) and then using my £3 coupon I got organic garlic, organic onions, a courgette and a cabbage. There were also the standard 7 cans of catfood.

In total I spent £14.25 which with the vegetable and fruit box is £31.25 (around $54, the exchange rate is terrible at the moment).

I include the organic fruit and vegetables in my budget for each month so that money is always set aside, it’s just the additional stuff that I run out of that I need to budget better. I will need to spread my stocking up over the month though, I am low on flour, sugar, coffee, oil etc so I will buy a few stocking up items each week instead of getting them all at once like I did last month. Trouble is that things get pushed further and further along and I end up not getting them which means that I can’t make things that I’d like to. I need to make some more biscuits for Jim’s lunches but I can’t find a recipe that I have even the majority of the ingredients for at the moment. I’m still learning to balance my budget but the price of food is definitely rising, I could have bought a lot more for my money a few months back. I noticed today that the organic cereal I normally buy was priced at £2.20, when I got some last week it was £2 and when I started buying it in May it was £1.60. Oil is also very expensive, thus the price of margarine rising, regular Pure used to be 79p and today it was priced at £1.19 which is what the organic one used to cost….

Times are definitely getting harder so I will have to figure out ways to keep saving money. I discovered that we do have a Lidl near here so after the comments last week about their soya products I will check them out and see if I can save some money along the way. How are you all finding the rising prices, are they stopping you from buying what you want or need to make what you’d like to?


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