What’s In Your (Vegan) Freezer?

I was tagged by Becks of I Am Not a Rabbit to show you all what I have in my freezer at the moment. This is my fridge and freezer

I’ve not bored you all before with how happy I am with my big fridge that I bought when I moved. Before I had a tiny under the counter fridge that wouldn’t hold everything that I needed it to. This fridge holds it all and is big enough that I can put the saucepan with the leftovers in it rather than having to decant things all the time, I adore it as much as any reasonable human being can adore an electrical item! The freezer I’ve had for a while, it looks like it’s really big but I can fill it up no problem, at the moment it’s probably about 2/3 full though and here’s what’s in it.
Um, ok, so it could probably do with defrosting again, but it’s such a messy job and I only did it in May when I moved so it’s annoying that it needs it again already… This top section appears to be full of ice cream! There are 3 Swedish Glace ice creams in there; chocolate, vanilla and wild blueberry. I didn’t actually know I had the blueberry until I moved the others for the photo! The other brand I really don’t like and it’s only in there until I can get someone else to eat it. It’s made using water rather than soya milk and you can really taste that it’s water, it’s not creamy at all. Very disappointing considering it was really expensive.

Next compartment down holds pulses and a bag of tvp chunks. I cook the beans and reconstitute the tvp chunks in my slow cooker and then freeze for later use (freeze the chunks on trays so I can grab a handful rather than having to hit them with a mallet). There aren’t as many beans in there as normal, I must do some more soon, the compartment is usually full but as I’ve been using what I have I’ve lowered my stores.

Next down is the ice cube and ice pack tray. I could probably empty this now considering that summer is most definitely over and we won’t be having a picnic anytime soon or really needing an ice cube in a drink but I probably won’t get around to it.

This drawer is mainly Piggle’s meals from leftovers. The Pure container is actually food for him, the little round containers are getting too small so I’m saving my margarine tubs to freeze stuff in as I don’t want to buy more plastic. The pink stuff to the back is cooked rhubarb which I froze in ice cubes for Piggle but will use for other stuff too and the container with the white lid is leftover soup.

That’s my bread drawer (in case you’re blind!) and it needs a bit of a clean. I ran out of bread flour and it was cheaper to buy a cheap loaf than more flour so that’s what I did. Usually there are rolls and pita bread in here as well but we’ve cleared them out.

This is the hold-all drawer. There are 2 bags of apple sauce in there. I make the apple sauce and then freeze it in 1/4 cup measures in my muffin tins before putting it in bags. It makes it easier to get out just what I need for recipes that way. There is also some puff pastry (the red bag), 2lbs of seitan, a bag of cranberries from last Christmas that I’ve never used and two bags of soft fruit from my Mother’s garden destined for jam when I can afford the sugar and can be bothered.

The final drawer is the vegetable drawer, there is some sweetcorn, peas, edamame, green beans and the spinach from the vegetable box that I froze.

Hope that wasn’t too dull! I’m supposed to tag 5 people but as I’m late posting this everyone has probably done it already. If you’ve not posted your freezer contents and wish to go ahead and say I tagged you!


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