Spinach and Mushroom Calzones and Melty White Cheese

I used the recipe in Vegan Italiano as a reference while making these but didn’t use frozen pizza dough (I’ve never seen it in this country) and I added the pizza sauce from Vegan With a Vengeance (the dough was from there as well using half spelt and half white flour as I’m low on white).

The recipe says to put the onion, spinach and onions in uncooked but I hate what uncooked mushrooms do to pizza (they go dry and all the water from them makes the crust soggy) so I cooked the onion and mushroom for a bit with the garlic before putting it in. I did put the spinach in uncooked as I figured it doesn’t take long to cook anyway so it would be fine, and it was. I made 5 of these from the ingredients and had one for lunch the next day. We all enjoyed them (my Mother was around for dinner that night), Jim even ate all his spinach after I reminded him that he liked leafy green vegetables.

I served the melty white cheese on the side for dipping rather than putting it inside the calzones and it was a nice accompaniment, it’s one of my favourite cheese sauces and I use it far too often!


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