Indian Cauliflower and Kidney Bean Stew with Coconut Milk

I broke out the slow cooker again and enjoyed the accomplished feeling I got from having dinner almost all cooked by 11.45 in the morning!

This stew was really easy to put together, I did ignore the first instruction to puree the onion and spices and cook them in the slow cooker for a few minutes as this never works for me, instead I fried them in a pan with the garlic (there is nothing worse than the taste of slow cooked garlic that hasn’t been sauteed first) before adding them in. There was also kidney beans, potatoes, chopped tomatoes and stock in there and I added some of my pickled jalapenos as well (the recipe calls for fresh) which gave it a nice bit of heat but not so much to put the boys off it.

You cook everything together for 6 hours (I started off on high to get it boiling and then turned it to low when I remembered to) and then you add the coconut milk and cook uncovered for 15 minutes or so. I only had coconut cream which is thicker than coconut milk but it worked well in this and smoothed out the spices and heat for the boys. I didn’t drain my chopped tomatoes like the recipe said and I have made a note in the book to make sure I do this next time as the stew was very thin with that extra juice in there. I added some arrowroot to thicken it up a bit which made it better.

I served it over brown basmati rice and Jim even ate some cauliflower (he says he will only eat baby florets so I must remember to break his up into tiny pieces next time I serve it to him). Piggle and I had leftovers for lunch and there is also a portion for him in the freezer. I will make this again in the future, it’s a nice different kind of curry and you can never have too many easy curry recipes tucked away!


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