Spiced Apple Walnut Muffins and Spicy Italian Vegetarian Sausages

I needed something easy to make for breakfasts before I could go shopping again so I decided to see what muffin recipe I could come up with that used stuff I had to hand. I used a cup of applesauce as per the suggestion in the recipe rather than grated apple and I also used spelt flour instead of regular flour.

Just as a side note I get all irritated when I read in recipes ‘unbleached all purpose flour’ as you just can’t find unbleached flour over here, our only options are white or brown flour. Just a pet peeve there!

Anyway, these muffins were tasty enough but they came out a bit dry for some reason. I would have thought that a cup of applesauce would have been wetter than a large grated apple but I guess not and if I make them again I will try them with white flour and maybe a little more applesauce or some added water in them.

This was another foray into the world of seitan making. I used the recipe from Everyday Dish that has been circulating blogland for a while now. As I know that Jim isn’t into the spicy stuff I cut out the chili flakes from the recipe. I also left out the fennel seeds for some reason, just decided at the time I didn’t want that flavour in them. We can’t get Bills Best Chik’Nish Seasoning (I have no idea what that is anyway!) so I used half a tablespoon of Mrs Dash plus some salt and cut the ground pepper down to a few twists as Mrs Dash is pretty peppery.

My only other change to the recipe was totally by mistake. I was talking to my Mother on the phone while I was putting these together and although I thought I have double checked the recipe when I came to form the mix into sausages I couldn’t figure out why they were so wet until I re-read and discovered that I’d omitted the quarter cup of chickpea flour. It was too late to mix it in then as the gluten strands had already formed so instead I just steamed them for an extra 10 minutes and they came out just fine.

We all really loved the taste of these sausages and are happy that there are more of them in the freezer now. The taste was great and the texture was lovely, I don’t think I will bother with the chickpea flour next time as it didn’t seem to need it, I will just cut the water by a tiny bit so they don’t need to steam as long. Piggle kept putting bits in his mouth as he obviously liked the taste but it was a bit too firm for him to gum (3 teeth don’t get you very far with chewy things) so until he has more teeth I will have to blend his up a bit for him. I’m definitely keeping this recipe as my standard sausage recipe, it was much cheaper to make than to buy a bag of vegan sausages and it has much less fat than the Real Eat ones do too which is great.

I served the sausages with mashed potatoes and swede and carrots. The sausages were so big that we only needed one each.


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