Another Big Shop

After thinking about it hard I have made the decision that at least until after Christmas I am letting the organic thing slide and going with non-organic for the majority of my shopping. I will still be getting the organic vegetable box and buying whatever vegetables I need organic if possible, plus getting organic yogurts and puddings for the boys from health food shops, but beyond that I just need to mind my budget until after the holidays are over and I can’t do that by buying organics unfortunately.

So, this week as I new it would be a bit cheaper not buying organics I decided to stock up on everything that I’d run out of in one go rather than spreading it through the month like I would have needed to previously. I also ended up shopping in 3 different shops to get all but 2 items on my shopping list, so this is what I bought from the places I got it.

These photos are actually in reverse order to the way we visited the shops!

This was from the Co-op, who I found out don’t accept Luncheon Vouchers that I get for filling out online surveys but they did take my vegetable voucher so I got £3 off my shop. I got organic onions, garlic, a lemon, 2 green peppers, garlic, frozen peas, golden syrup, organic mushrooms, 2 packs of juice boxes, 2 soya milks, white bread flour, brown bread flour, margarine, 2 lots of flavoured soya milk, 2 tins of chickpeas, a roll for Jim’s lunch the next day so I didn’t have to make bread when I got in, onion salt, a parsnip, cereal, crisps (on special offer for 2 packs so I bought 2), some pretzels that I adore, a bottle of wine and some vegetable oil. In total this lot cost me £30.57 after the coupon and including a long handled fair trade cotton shopping bag, I have a short handled version but with pushing a pushchair a long handled one is much more useful.

This is from the health food shop; 2 lots of organic yogurts, 2 lots of organic puddings, some malt extract rice cakes for Piggle, chocolate soya custard, thyme, organic lemon squash, Tofutti cheese slices and maldon salt. This cost me £14.51.

We started off in Lidl after the suggestion in the comments. Unfortunately as you can see they didn’t have much that I needed off my list and no soya yogurts or soya milk to be seen. I was actually quite disappointed in the shop as there seemed to be more non-food stuff for sale than food. My Mother says there are a few more in the area though so next time she and my Dad go past one she’ll check for the soya products for me. I still managed to spend £13.11 buying plain flour, fair trade organic coffee (very reasonable price at £1.75 a jar), fair trade brown sugar, kidney beans, olive oil (also a bargain for a big bottle at £2.49), sugar, 3 tins of tomatoes, biscuits as a treat for Jim and to let me off the hook making some, tomato puree and white rice.

So, in total with the shopping and organic vegetables I spent a humongous £75.19 this week on food (around $128). Like I said though I now have everything but 2 items that I had run out of back in the house again so my subsequent shopping trips will only need to be what I need each week rather than stocking up items as well. I probably should also add £4 for 2 tubs of Simply Eco washing powder that my sister managed to locate for me in her local Co-op as I couldn’t find it, but it was on sale £1 off so I thought I would get her to pick up 2 so I’d have some for a while.

I’m sad about the lack of organic shopping but I am trying my best and at the end of the day it’s best the boys eat healthily, even if it’s not organic rather than trying to buy organic and not being able to afford what we need. Hopefully I should have a bit more money coming in in a few months so that may mean I can buy a bit more organic, but until my finances are firmly under control I will have to keep the shopping budget as low as I can.

PS Thanks to Becks for googling flour and telling me that all flour in this country is unbleached. (also Liz for commenting the same). So, I will now stop swearing at recipe books and flour companies and enjoy my baking a little bit more!


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