Green Pea and Lemon Risotto with Roasted Red Peppers

It looks a little runny in the photo but I was so determined not to forget to take the picture that I took it before it was completely cooked I guess!

This was a tasty risotto that the boys and I enjoyed. I did find it a little bit lemony but I think that I taste lemon a bit more strongly than most people for some reason as I can taste even the tiniest bit in any dish it’s in.

Instead of buying and roasting the peppers myself I used roasted peppers from a jar and put them in with the peas and lemon to heat them through, that tasted just fine so if I make this again while there are still peppers in the jar I will do that again. I did have to add a little bit more water than the recipe called for and I also had to cook it a bit longer to get the peas cooked through, I will add them earlier next time if I remember.

I enjoy risotto, I should probably make it a bit more often than I do but Jim isn’t a huge fan. He did eat this but I wouldn’t say he really totally enjoyed it even though Piggle did so perhaps it’s one to come back to in six months to see if his tastes have developed a bit more.


So, what do you think?

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