Sahib’s Split Pea and Roasted Parsnip Soup and some shopping

I had been emailing a friend about split pea soup when I found this one a day later so I decided to give it a go. The recipe is very simple and uses stuff I tend to have in the house besides the parsnips which were the only ingredient I had to buy. I pureed it as you can see as it’s easier for kids to eat soup that way and also I added less water than the recipe calls for as thicker soup means less on the clothes and more in Piggles mouth which both he and I appreciate.

I didn’t have the energy to make bread to go with this so I just served it with toast made from the last home made bread I’d thrown together using white and kamut flour. Jim says he doesn’t like the bread but he keeps eating it so I think he’s just trying to wind me up or something!

I’ll definitely make this again, the roasted parsnips give it lovely flavour but even without them it’s a good hearty soup that fills you up and keeps you warm which is just what you need in the weather we’re having at the moment here. Jim said he didn’t like it but he didn’t actually eat it which was probably because he was full from the Halloween party they had at school (he went as a house, don’t ask, it’s a 5 year old thing…), I can’t believe how many snacks and how much food they feed those kids during the day, it’s no wonder some nights he doesn’t want what I’ve cooked him, he’s not hit the ‘eating everything but the table’ phase yet and gets full quite fast.

Piggle and I had it for lunch (I had it twice, he had it once) and it reheats and keeps well which always adds to my liking of a recipe.

So, I got a lovely letter in the post telling me that we are going to get a nice chunk of extra money each week which when added to the previous letter I was also happy about saying that we were getting an additional small chunk each week means that my financial worries have lifted a bit and although I won’t be able still to go fully organic as I need to try and pay down my credit card and pay back my parents the money I borrowed when I moved, does mean that we can afford to get what we need. In celebration we hit the health food shop and I allowed Jim to throw what he wanted in the basket. The result was £32 spent (around $56), and this haul coming home with us.

We got 2 organic chocolate puddings (still 99p), 2 organic vanilla puddings (again 99p each), mocha puddings, 2 packets of Whizzers chocolate beans, Tofutti Cheese Slices, 3 Soyage puddings for Piggle that Jim insisted he have as he’s not had them for a while, 2 small organic strawberry soya milks, 2 organic small chocolate soya milks, 2 organic small banana soya milks, popcorn, organic vanilla soya milk, organic vanilla soya custard, Piggle’s liquid vitamins and chewable children’s vitamins for Jim.

The boys ran out of vitamins over a week ago and I’d been stressing over how to afford to buy them more as they set me back £15. That will last Jim 60 days and Piggle about 3 weeks so it’s a big chunk of change to have to come up with but I think it’s important and it makes me feel like I’m giving them as much to keep them healthy as I can. I didn’t buy myself any more vitamins even though I ran out about a month ago as the ones I had from the health food shop were horse pills and I didn’t like them, they didn’t seem to have enough of the vitamins I wanted in them. Should I come across a Holland and Barrett I will get myself another bottle of their vegan multivitamins but I’ve no plans to go to one for a little while at least.

We finished off our shopping trip by putting more diesel in the car and buying me 2 bottles of wine. I also treated myself to some books off Amazon and Play, only one cookbook though which was odd for me but I couldn’t pick what I wanted and they all seem to have gone up in price even secondhand so I will wait until the prices fall a little bit.

Can you believe that VeganMoFo 2008 ends today? This month has flown by and I managed to post every single day, something I intend to keep trying to do as I really am enjoying it. I did mean to make some more posts about elements of veganism such as vegan children and eco friendliness but I never got around to it, so those posts will come when I am having a week where I repeat dishes and don’t need to post reviews.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments I’ve had during this month, it has really made me happy to know that people are reading and enjoying what I’m writing enough to tell me their thoughts about it. Please stay with me now the month is over, I promise to keep moving on to bigger and better things and I will definitely keep reading the blogs I’ve discovered this month too and sincerely hope that the friends I’ve made through this will last a long time to come.

Here’s to VeganMoFo and long may it continue to be a yearly event, I’m already looking forward to next year, aren’t you?


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