Cauliflower Patties with Braised Carrots with Soy-Peanut Glaze

Sorry, Blogger is playing it’s stupid tricks again and flipping my photos…

Wow, it’s odd not uploading the VeganMoFo banner to each post, I must delete it so I don’t randomly apply it to posts when I forget it’s over!

So I used two cookbooks I’ve never used before for this meal which makes me a happy cook. I am feeling much better than previously and this was the first meal I’ve really enjoyed for a week and eaten a decent portion of.

The Patties were really easy to make, I halved the recipe but did find that there wasn’t enough flour and bran listed to make it into something that you could actually make a patty (ie?) with. In the end I put in 3 extra handfuls of flour and 2 extra of the oat bran and it was still a sticky mess when it went on the tray, but as they baked they did firm up and they didn’t taste too bland so it was ok.

I have made notes in the book to halve some of the ingredients but keep the thickeners the same as if I were making the whole recipe rather than the half I did make. It says it will make 24 patties out of 2 cauliflowers but I used one and made 8 patties from it. I have loosened the leftovers on the tray and put it in the freezer so if I remember I will post to say whether they freeze well or not.

I was shocked to see Jim wolf his down because he knew it had cauliflower in it as he’d mashed it for me and I’m sure I’ve mentioned over and over again that he won’t eat cauliflower normally. Perhaps making it into a burger shape works, I will have to try it again with other things he won’t eat in the future!

The carrots were glazed with soy sauce (I’m still out of tamari), peanut butter (didn’t actually have as much as the recipe said but it was enough so I’ve amended the recipe), brown sugar (as I am out of maple syrup and didn’t read the recipe properly until I was cooking from it), water and olive oil (I used regular instead of extra virgin as I don’t have any). I omitted the cayenne pepper as per usual. So, does that mean I actually made this recipe or did I make something that was sort of like the recipe but not, who knows!

Piggle enjoyed it all, especially the roasted potatoes on the side which he loves to feed himself and Jim enjoyed his too, he wasn’t hugely impressed with the carrots but he is hugely impressed with the idea that carrots will make him see in the dark so he makes sure he eats enough to help his night vision (white lies work with 5 year old boys who want superpowers!).

I’ll definitely make both of these again in the future and I want to try more from the People Who Love Animals book, it’s final printing was 1981 but it still has some tasty sounding things in it and uses a lot of vegetables which is what we need to get through our vegetable boxes. I was impressed at how much of this meal was vegetable based, in fact besides the thickeners and tahini in the patties we just ate vegetables which can never be a bad thing.


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