All I Do Is Shop

Well, that’s what it seems like at the moment! So this is what this week’s grocery shopping looks like.

I went to Sainsburys and picked up 2 soya milks, organic vanilla soya milk, pineapple slices, organic baked beans (which are cheaper than non-organic at the moment which is odd), haricot beans, extra virgin olive oil (my oil supplies are back to full now!), organic peanut butter, cereal, 2 plain chocolate chips, plain flour, cashew nuts, freezer bags, 2 compostable bags (bags were 3 for 2 so I stocked up), linguine, organic bananas, margarine, 2 rigatoni, organic plain yogurts, 2 yogurts, teabags for a vegan swap I did (not in the picture) plus the usual cat food and some night time nappies for Jim. All that set me back £23.02 after using £4 in coupons.

Then we went on to the health food shop and got this

Super melting Cheezly in Mozzarella for pizza, strong cheddar Scheese, 2 vegetarian yogurts (Jim takes them to school to have when the other kids have jelly for a treat), tamari (there wasn’t any in Sainsburys) and organic agave nectar. This was expensive for the small amount I got, I spent £10.34.

So with the organic vegetable box this week’s shopping cost me £50.36 (around $80 as the pound has fallen against the dollar big time recently). Not too bad but I could have done with spending less really. I did find some tamari in another supermarket the other day so I picked it up as it said it was being discontinued so I’ll have some more ready to go when this runs out.

I’m hoping for a smaller shop next week but you never can tell at the moment how much stuff is going to cost. I just need to make sure I try and make meals using what I have to hand a bit more so that I don’t have to keep buying in. But as I said before, I’m now totally stocked up again with stuff like oils and flour etc that I had run out of totally when I was very broke. I still have no maple syrup in the house as I can’t find it anywhere for less than £4 a bottle which I refuse to pay. I’m hoping Asda have their usual £1.80 bottles available when I go with my Mother and if so I will buy a few to keep as we don’t go to Asda all that often.


So, what do you think?

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