Well, You’ve Seen The Freezer

So I thought I would show you the fridge!

As I said before I love my fridge more than a human should love and electrical appliance. I can finally see what I have in there and put leftovers in it right in the pan (as you can see) which is a silly thing to love I guess but it makes me happy!

The top shelf always has the yogurts and puddings on it, this was right after we stocked up so there are quite a few there. The margarine is also on that shelf. The next shelf has my ground coffee, some leftovers in the Le Crueset (my favourite pot), a tin of cat food and probably some vegan cheese hiding behind the pot. Below that is a wine rack which is sadly empty in this photo, when I first moved it was my goal to keep it full (it holds four bottles) but I just can’t afford that now… Under that is the Trex vegetable fat, flavoured soya milks for Jim’s breakfasts, some miso in tupperware containers, the roasted peppers and some more leftovers of some sort.

Under that the final two shelves and the drawers always hold our vegetables. I tend to use a shelf for each week so the newer veg is in one place and the older another then I know which bag of broccoli I need to use up first. I do the same with the drawers, the carrots etc go in one drawer one week and the new ones go in the other drawer so I don’t get old carrots etc hanging around.

This is the door
The top has curry paste, minced ginger (I’m too lazy to do that myself), mustard, some jam and some chili paste. Under that are some Chinese sauces and my mayonnaise. The next shelf down has jam, tahini, marmalade and the cheese slices. Next down is the ketchup, lime juice, lemon juice, Frenchs Mustard, Piggle’s Vitamins, flax oil, sweet chili sauce, capers and jalapenos. The bottom has vanilla soya milk, plain soya milk, mushroom soya sauce, plain soya sauce and a half drunk bottle of wine. Normally there would be some vegetarian stir fry sauce but that was in the wine rack while the wine was in the door!

So, there you have it, the contents of my fridge, this was actually a pretty full day when I took the photo, sometimes there is a lot more room in it than that but once the vegetable box arrives on a Friday it tends to be stuffed until I get cooking with them.

Hope I didn’t bore you too much!


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