The Vegetables

It’s actually Monday now (I write my posts in advance most of the time a few on the trot so I’m not in a mad panic finding something to post about) and I’ve not made the menu for the vegetables. I will have to do it later though as I’m going shopping with my Mother tomorrow and will need to know what to buy!

This is the box for the week:

Oh no, the broccoli is back!, potatoes, onions, carrots, cauliflower, butternut squash, a small swede, mushrooms and some cherry tomatoes.

So here’s the menu I finally put together:

1. Nuggets from Sneak Peak*, baked beans and mashed potatoes.

2. Jen’s Ginger Lentil Butternut Squash Soup with bread – La Dolce Vegan

3. Chickpea and Broccoli Tangine – UKTV Food online recipe (thanks Liz!)

4. Yasai Chili Men – Wagamama Cookbook

5. Stir Fry with Tofu (make it up as I go along) with rice

6. Coconut Cauliflower Chana – Get It Ripe, with rice

7. Leek Butter Bean Chorizo Gratin – from a magazine I’ll be using Seitan O’Greatness rather than chorizo.

The reason for the two tofu stir fries is that we got 2 packs of free tofu from Cauldron to test for them and we have to cook them the same way.

This is the fruit we got

My fruit bowl is now obscenely full and I had to throw out 2 pears that had gone off so I am now on a mission to get it under control and eat what we get. I had a plum, a kiwi and a banana for my lunch today with some soup and if I’m hungry in the evenings I will try and have fruit as well so that I get through it and don’t waste anymore. Although the waste in this house either goes to my Mothers’s compost heap or my sister’s animals I still hate throwing things away that I’ve spent money on so I will be munching on fruit as much as I can make myself in the next week or so until it’s back under control!

* I got Sneak Peak and Pudge Free Holiday a few days ago. Lindsay will let international buyers pay by Paypal if you cover the fees. Googlecart won’t let you order both cookbooks at the same time and you can only pay by credit card if you use it which means the conversion fee from $-£ twice plus interest on your credit card whereas Paypal will charge you in £’s and you can use a debit card. The fees were only 69c for the $10 transaction and at the exchange rate for the day I got them that was £6.89 in total for all these recipes which look great!


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