Weekly Shop

This week my Mother and I took a jaunt to Asda, it’s a bit further than the supermarkets I/we usually visit but I needed some new underwear as I’ve lost 16lbs now and was getting embarrassed having to pull mine up all the time (too much information?!?). Asda are really reasonable for clothing and although I know it’s probably not the most ethically well produced stuff I didn’t want to spend too much on them as firstly I can’t afford it and secondly I want the new ones to not fit me soon!

We had a look in a different Lidl as well but it still didn’t offer the soya yogurts that I’ve been told about in the comments and it had a small selection of food in general like the other one we visited so we didn’t buy anything there.

In Asda I got dishwasher powder, juice boxes, 2 soya milks, 2 lots of flavoured soya milks, coconut milk, fruit squash, cereal, lemongrass puree, some soy snacks for Piggle (it was near lunchtime when we finished and he was hungry!), sugar snap peas, organic garlic, vanilla soya puddings, 1 red chilli (it cost me 1p, cheapest thing I’ve ever bought in a supermarket!), 2 lots of yogurt, organic red peppers, a courgette, a red onion and a loaf of bread (Jim is getting fed up with home made stuff). That cost me £19.52 for the food, not the underwear! They didn’t have any maple syrup which was disappointing so I’m still without any and will keep hunting to see if I can ever find any for a reasonable price.

They didn’t have 2 things that I really needed so we nipped to the healthfood shop on the way back and I bought vanilla soya milk (Piggle adores it at breakfast time and bangs his cup on the table and then waves it at me when he has finished and wants more) and soba noodles which amazingly cost me £4.30, won’t be getting soba from there again! With the vegetable box my food this week cost £40.82 (around $65) which isn’t bad at all I don’t think with the way prices are at the moment.

Oh, and by the way, I’m happy with the underwear as well, here’s to needing to buy the next size down soon!


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