Crispy Chickenless Nuggets

I was really excited about trying this recipe as we all like nuggets and I haven’t found a brand that is priced low enough for us to enjoy them with any regularity. This recipe is really easy to follow and it only took about 10 minutes to put them together and then 20 minutes for them to cook.

Sadly, although we all kept trying them, not one of us actually liked them, even Piggle stopped eating them and ate the mashed potato with his hands instead. The taste and texture just weren’t what we were after somehow. I think that they were too sweet, the cornflakes combined with the agave inside just made them a little sickly. Also they were too soft inside, I wanted something a bit chewy and these weren’t really that. I keep trying to think of ways I can change the recipe to make them what we want them to be; coat them with breadcrumbs instead of cornflakes, leave out the agave, mash the chickpeas in the food processor instead of by hand etc etc. In the end I’ve come to the conclusion that what I should really do is make the Chickpea Cutlets from Veganomicon and just form them into nuggets coated with breadcrumbs and they may be closer to the taste and texture that we all like.

Anyway, it’s not put me off this little recipe booklet and I’m looking forward to trying more. If everyone liked every recipe there wouldn’t be so many cookbooks for me to collect or new recipes to try so I don’t despair over things that aren’t quite right for us!

As you can see I served the nuggets with baked beans and mashed potatoes for a kid friendly meal. Luckily I am terrible at judging how many potatoes I need to do so I always make too much so even though the nuggets didn’t fill us up we had plenty of mash to do the job.


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