Yasai Chilli Men

No, I’ve not started to use a tablecloth, you will find that kind of civility at my Mother’s house where I cooked this meal for us all before we went and watched the firework display in the village she lives in.

This is the meal I had when I ate in Wagamama in London a few months back and it was lovely which is why I bought this particular book. It’s a really simple dish of soba noodles, tofu, carrots, courgette, tomatoes and sugar snap peas with a chilli sauce.

The recipe for the sauce is a separate recipe in the book as you can use it for any chilli style dish that you want to make and it came together in about half an hour and was really simple to make and is very tasty. My sauce wasn’t as hot as the one that I bought which was actually a good thing as the bought one was about as spicy and hot as I can take my food. I still didn’t feed any of the sauce to the boys though as it did have a good kick to it, they just enjoyed their stir fry and noodles plain and both ate everything they were served.

My Mother and I both really enjoyed the meal and I’ll definitely be making this again and again, especially when there’s another adult to share it with as the boys won’t be ready for this sauce for a few years yet I shouldn’t think. A warning about Wagamama portions though, the book says that all recipes make 2 portions, if that’s true then they’re HUGE even by my standards. The amount I made served 2 adults and 2 children with no leftovers but filled us all up completely, so don’t feel like you have to double the portions unless you like a LOT of food!

I only put half the sauce in as I didn’t want to overdo it and I wasn’t adding it to the full amount, the leftovers I had over pasta the next day for dinner and it was lovely, sort of like a chinesey arabiata sauce, yum!


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