Leek, Butter Bean and Chorizo Gratin

Don’t worry, I’m still vegan! I used Seitan O’Greatness in this recipe rather than the chorizo and it worked out really well. I remembered once I had started making the SOG that I can’t find the tube of tomato puree I bought the other week despite my having photographic evidence that it made it into the house. I’ve torn the food cupboard apart but it’s just not there so I added 3 Tbsp more of water to the recipe to replace the 4 Tbsp of tomato puree that it called for. I also reduced the oil from 2 Tbsp to 1 Tbsp and it was a lot less greasy and less rich than the first one. I think at the moment I actually prefer this version more than the tomato oily one so I may make it this way from now on.

I can’t remember which magazine this recipe came out of, it’s either Good Food Magazine or Ciao! both of which my sister has a subscription to and gives me when she’s done with them. Anyway, it was very simple and I didn’t make many changes to it except to omit the sherry as I don’t have that in the house ever and to put less liquid in than the recipe called for as I thought it would be too wet with the full 18fl oz (I was right). It calls for 4 large leeks and mine were medium at best so perhaps that’s why it didn’t need as much liquid.

The topping calls for fresh breadcrumbs and I was actually totally out of any kind of bread so I used some from a tub and didn’t blitz them with a clove of garlic like the recipe said but just put all the garlic in with the vegetables.

This was a really enjoyable meal and very filling and warming on what was a cold cold night. I’m keeping this for sure to make again and again as both the boys enjoyed it as well, especially with the roasty potatoes which are a favourite of them both!


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