The Shopping

This is another week where I seem to have used four shops to get everything I needed. I did wonderfully find though that I had more money than I thought I did and things should be much easier for us now which means a move back towards some organic products and being able to buy what I need each week instead of having to push things to the next week constantly which is a real weight off my mind.

First I hit the health food shop and stocked up

I got 2 organic tofu, 3 organic puddings, 1 pack of organic yogurts, 2 soya puddings, some cheezly, 2 single organic yogurts, 2 organic vanilla soya milk, 2 little organic banana soya milks, organic Worcestershire sauce, organic orange squash and a peanut bar to eat on the car on the way home (that’s the empty package in the picture!). As you can see from the tiny hand trying to grab everything Piggle was very happy with this haul! This lot was pretty reasonable at £20.04 (around $29).

The next day we went to Sainsburys, another health food shop and then Morrisons for 2 final things. This is everything I bought that day; soya formula for Piggle, fake Bacon bits, tomato puree (yes, I found the other one as soon as I got home with a new one…), 2 organic chopped tomatoes, organic chickpeas, chocolate soya milk, siciliana pasta sauce, 3 soya milks, 2 organic baked beans, organic ketchup, organic peanut butter, dark brown sugar, 2 packets of biscuits (got tired of arguing with Jim to get him to eat the ones I’ve been making so I’ve given up for now), a red pepper, a green pepper, 2 bags of organic potatoes, plain chocolate, fair trade decaf coffee, organic bananas, cereal, margarine, organic bread, filo pastry, 2 packs of tortillas (they were on sale half price), frozen sweetcorn, a half baton to use for garlic bread, vecon stock, mozerella Cheezly, parmazano (fake vegan parm), breadcrumbs and organic yogurts. Not pictured are a deodorant and 7 tins of cat food. All of this set me back £40.85 (about $59) after using £9 of coupons.

So, the total for the week with the fruit and vegetables was a whopping £77.89 (about $112). I won’t be shopping like this every single week but it’s nice to know that when I do have a week where I need to stock up on stuff I’m not going to be restricted as much by funds and it’s lovely to see the organic labels poking through too! I didn’t get organic peppers because they were horribly expensive (about £2.50 for 3) but I will carry on trying to buy organic veg when I need bits and pieces from the supermarket.

This week will be a little slow on the meal reviews as I’m doing a few things that I’ve done before and the boys had the leftover patties for dinner last night (fed to them by my Mother) while I was out. I am hoping to get cooking the lasagna soon though, I’m really looking forward to that one!


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