Seven Things Meme

I have been tagged twice now for this 7 random things about me Meme. I won’t bother posting the rules as if you’ve not seen it around then you don’t read enough blogs!

So, here are my 7 things:

1. I was a US military brat, once my Dad retired when I was 16 I kind of kept moving every couple of years or sooner. At last count I believe I’ve lived in 29 different houses in my 35 years. The longest I ever lived in one house was in the one I just left, I was there for almost 7 years and lord did it feel like too long, I was itching to move somewhere new!

2. I am over educted in fields that don’t help me get a job. I have a BA Hons in Drama and Classical Studies and an MA in Film and Television. I am hoping to soon start a second MA in the Social Sciences as my goal is to do a PhD in some sort of Sociology linked area. My trouble is that I love a subject so I want to study it but once I have the qualification I’m pretty much done with it and want to do something else!

3. I count as I do things. I always count the stairs as I walk up them (as if the number would change from one hour to the next) and I count pegs as I hang up or take down the washing from the line. Apparently my Mother also does this and I don’t think she’s insane so I’m not that worried that I am.

4. I don’t really watch regular tv at all. We had a freeview box (digital tv with a limited amount of free cable type channels for my US readers) purely because it has CBeebies on it and it very rarely ever goes off that channel. I do however download and watch US tv on the computer, at the moment I’m watching all 3 CSI’s, The Unit, Greys Anatomy, Heroes, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies and Bones. I also watch Deadliest Catch (not at all vegan but I enjoy it), Weeds, 24, Lost and Medium. I do normally watch quite a lot of films though, but I’ve been watching less since Jim managed to total our television by pushing it off the stand and I have to watch them on the computer or a tiny portable tv until I can afford a new one…

5. I graduated from an American high school in Germany at the age of 16. I was put a year ahead in primary school when I moved from the UK to the US system and then allowed to move another year ahead to graduate early as my Dad was retiring and I was still going to do another 2 years of UK high school after we moved back to England.

6. As of this morning I have lost 20lbs and 17.5″ since the 1st of September. I still have 36lbs to go but I feel really motivated and happy to have got this far. Basically I finally am managing just to eat less and do a little bit of exercise (we’re talking 20 mins tops 4-5 times a week). Really, it is that simple. I was an emotional eater, particularly when I was unhappy, thus needing to loose the weight after gaining it during 2 pregnancies and then having my marriage fall apart. It’s nice to finally be more in control of it and I’m determined to get to my goal.

7. um…. I’m trying to think of something that you wouldn’t already know from reading this blog… I worked on a feature film with Richard Harris, Lynn Redgrave, Louise Lombard and Paul McGann in it. It was one of the worst jobs of my entire life but they paid me £650 a week so I stuck it out. Put me off working in films for the rest of my life and even though it was about 8 years ago now I have still never watched the film, the ex watched it once and called me in at the end so I could see my name go by but that’s as much as I still ever want to see. I do own a copy on dvd though.

I won’t tag anyone as I think it’s pretty much done the rounds by now!


So, what do you think?

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