Vegetable Soup and Lasage Marinara with Spinach

We had baked potatoes for lunch on the Sunday that the boy’s Dad was here so in the evening after he’d left I whipped us up some soup for dinner as it was too cold to just have a sandwich. I threw in all the leftover bits of cauliflower I had, some potatoes, a big onion, some garlic, some carrots, 2 small parsnips and a small swede and then boiled them in some stock until they were cooked. Once it was done I used the stick blender to puree it which resulted in a really nicely thick tasty and warming soup.

This soup actually fed people for 3 days. Piggle had it for lunch the next day and then on the night I took Piggle to the hospital my Mother and Jim ate what was left for their dinner! Nothing like a big pot of soup to keep you going for ages.

This lasagne is from Veganomicon, it’s a little bit burnt as I was talking to my Mum who had come around to check on us all and forgot to take it out of the oven! I made half the recipe which is fine for our small family and gave Piggle lunch the next day plus 2 further meals in the freezer.

How come the spellchecker wants me to spell it lasagna? Is there a difference between the UK and US spelling of the word? The book spells it with an e so I’m going to stick to that spelling.

I’ve never been a big fan of spinach lasagne, I think it was because when I first went vegetarian the only thing you could ever find in a restaurant (we’re talking about 20 years ago now, wow time flies!) was vegetarian lasagne which was always full of strange undercooked vegetables or really watery spinach plus far too much cheese even for the cheese lover I was back then which just made it greasy. This lasagne has changed my mind totally though and we all really enjoyed it.

I made the tofu ricotta from the book but left out the basil basically because I couldn’t be bothered to pick it, wash it and chop it, lazy I know but this was the night after we’d come home from the hospital so I was exhausted. I also added an onion to the marinara sauce recipe and doubled the amount of oregano as last time I made it I found it kind of bland and I steamed the spinach over the top of the sauce rather than using another pan. Once it was cooked I stuck the stick blender in the sauce and it came out a lot more tasty so I will keep those amendments for next time I use the recipe. I didn’t bother with the Almesan (almond parmesan) and just used the shop bought stuff I always have in the house and I also didn’t use the optional Pine Nut Cream, I may try that variation in the future though.

So, all in all a very tasty meal. We were supposed to have it with garlic bread but Jim and my Mother ate the half baguette that I had bought for the garlic bread with their soup the night before!


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