The Shopping Again

I didn’t get to go shopping until Thursday last week due to the events I’ve discussed so we were totally out of yogurts and puddings and had I not stocked up there could have been an uprising of short people!

I managed to just go to Sainsburys and the health food shop this week and this is what I bought:

Bread (they were all out of organic), organic vanilla soya milk, 2 alpro yogurts, cereal, organic fruit squash, Piggle’s vitamins, organic small strawberry soya milks, organic small banana soya milks, 3 organic puddings, organic baked beans, strong cheddar Scheese, organic raspberry jam (after years of only wanting cheese in his sandwiches Jim now only wants jam…), organic juiceboxes, margarine, almond flakes, organic apples and organic bananas. Not pictured are recycled toilet rolls, recycled kitchen rolls, night time nappies for Jim, 7 tins of cat food and dry cat food.

Sainsburys was £24.89 and the health food shop was £18.40 (£ odd of that was for the vitamins) so in total with the organic box for £12 I spent £55.29 (around $82). I’m happy with that amount and hopefully I can keep spending around that each week now that I have the funds to do so, I think £200 a month for 3 of us buying as much organic as I can is pretty reasonable really and we seem to eat well for that price. In fact I’ll be happy to spend £50 in the shops plus the vegetable box really, so we’ll see how it works out over the next few weeks.


So, what do you think?

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