Umm, Bit Behind Here

I can tell when I’m behind on posting on this blog as I have a huge stack of cookbooks on the desk beside the keyboard waiting for me to comment on the recipes I made.

I also have this picture of vegetables from 2 weeks ago

We got mushrooms, spinach, leeks, potatoes, onions, parsnips, brussel sprouts and carrots.

The menu is as follows:

1. Pasta with Hearty Lentil and spinach sauce – The Vegetarian Family Cookbook

2. Sausages with mashed potatoes and baked beans (using the Everyday Dish recipe again for the sausages).

3. Chickpea Sensation Patties Eat Drink and Be Vegan with parsnips and potatoes

4. Leek and Potato Soup with Bread – Rose Elliots Vegetarian Cookery

5. Energy Rice Bowl – Refresh (my newest cookbook!)

So, I am going to try and catch up now with what I’ve made, I’ll still post the dishes individually as I think it’s easier to locate stuff with the tags if they’re in individual posts.

Things here have just been a bit up in the air emotionally and now we’re all sick and the boiler has been broken since Sunday evening so we’re all frozen too. Things have to get better really and hopefully clearing off the pile of cookbooks will make me feel like I’ve achieved something today!


So, what do you think?

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