Cauliflower Broccoi Cheese Bake

This was a strange recipe really, you make a sauce for the vegetables but have to double the recipe to have enough. I expected it to be a thickish sauce but it turned out really thin, should I make it again I will add some flour to thicken it up.

You basically saute the vegetables then add some spices, pour the sauce over and bake it for a while. The sauce contains far too much tamari for my liking (with the double recipe called for it was 6 tablespoons, I’d cut it to 2), it was incredibly salty and I cut out the extra tamari and salt that I was supposed to add to the vegetables so I can’t imagine how salty it would be if I had used it all.

Saying all that, it’s a saveable dish if I cut the tamari in the sauce and add some flour to thicken it up and I’m sure I’ll make it again at some point with the changes as it makes a nice change from the other cheese sauces I’ve made in the past.


So, what do you think?

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