Shopping and Pizza

So we were supposed to have stew as the final dish of the week but when I checked to see what I had left there was only swede, carrots and brussel sprouts which wouldn’t have made a very interesting dish. So I decided to take the boys to the health food shop after school and get some pizza bases and do pizza instead as that’s always a hit with Jim.

While we were there we picked up 3 organic puddings, the pizza bases which are organic, organic tahini, a peanut bar, 6 small organic flavoured soya milks, some organic chocolate stars cereal for Jim, some organic soya cream, organic vanilla soya milk and organic peanut butter. The peanut butter is a huge one but when I compared the price it was much cheaper to buy the big jar than to buy 2 small ones and as I have peanut butter almost every day for breakfast it seemed worth the saving. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for this but I think it was about £20. There is also a small tin of pineapple there that we got from Somerfields as Jim likes it on his pizza.

So these are the cooked pizzas, Piggle had some leftovers from the freezer and then a bit of crust to chew on as pizza doesn’t work so well blended up and he still only has 3 teeth!

Jim likes his simple and just had sauce, pineapple, sweetcorn and cheese. I added some fresh tomatoes and onion to mine and we both had Cheezly on top. I didn’t actually make a proper sauce for these as I was out of tinned tomatoes, instead I mixed some tomato puree with garlic powder, onion salt, oregano and basil and it worked just fine and tasted lovely.

For the main shopping my Mother and I went to Tesco for a change and because I had my vouchers from them. I bought 2 organic chickpeas, seasoning for chicken (to use in the sausages), organic baked beans, white vinegar, coconut milk, organic juice boxes, 2 organic pasta sauces, organic fair trade instant coffee (decaf), 2 soya milks, organic spaghetti, potatoes (they didn’t have organic, in fact their organic vegetable selection sucked), 2 yogurts, tomatoes, a cucumber, organic tofu, 2 red peppers, organic bananas, garlic, big rice cakes for Piggle, chili crackers for me, cereal, organic bread and organic bread to go with the soup. I also bought a dustpan and brush, some matches, a baking tray and 7 tins of cat food. All that set me back £31.22 after I’d use £6 of the vegetable vouchers, £2 of Tesco vouchers and a £1 Cauldron coupon!

So, in total for food and the vegetable box I spent £63.22 (around $91) which was about average I think.


So, what do you think?

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