Energy Rice Bowl

Front to back small for Piggle, medium for Jim and large for me!

I have read a few reviews for this book along with recipes from it and had it on my wish list for a long time so when I had a little bit of spare cash I added it to my Amazon shopping cart and eagerly awaited it’s arrival. I wasn’t disappointed I have to say just looking at and reading the book makes you feel healthier and I’m looking forward to trying more recipes from it as soon as I have the vegetables to do it.

This was actually quite a time consuming meal to make, the recipe directs you to a further 4 recipes so you’re making 4 different things plus boiling your rice and then you have to assemble it all. It’s a layered dish so at the bottom is brown basmati rice, over that is a coconut curry sauce, then marinated tofu, then curried garbanzo filling, then some cucumber, tomato and cucumber, then beansprouts (these were supposed to be sunflower sprouts which I adore but I couldn’t locate any) then on top of that is a tahini sauce. I wondered whether the flavours would go together or not but they do work really well and you feel so healthy eating this it’s funny.

I will say thought that this isn’t really a kid friendly meal, neither of mine enjoyed it at all which was a shame as I’d love to make it again. Also half the recipes was more than enough to feed all of us one main meal and then I had a similarly sized portion for my main meal the next day before I went out (my Mother fed the boys the sausage, mash and beans while I was at the knitting group I’m now attending fortnightly).

There are several other bowl meals in this book that I can’t wait to have a go at now and I will make this for myself and try it out on the boys again as they get older. The Curried Garbanzo filling was great and would work in pita or just with rice on it’s own and the curry sauce was very tasty, although I did add more flour than it called for to get it thicker as I felt it was a little bit runny.

So, my first outing with this cookbook was positive (for me at least!) and I will be breaking out it again soon, I think the dishes will be great in the summer too as they have a lot of fresh salad etc in them along with the protein and carbs.


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