Food Shopping

So, as I said previously (I think!) I ordered my shopping online this time and surprise surprise it’s the very first time I’ve done it and had everything I ordered turn up. They did substitute 2 things but they were both acceptable substitutions so I was pretty pleased with it for a change. Also, whichever shop my order came from had a much better organic vegetable selection than the shop I go to as I got all the organic fruit and veg I ordered so I will bear that in mind for the future.
This week I got spring onions, organic soya cheese, organic yogurt, yogurt, organic tofu, organic bread, organic apples, organic bananas, organic peppers, organic potatoes, organic garlic, 2 tins of coconut milk, 2 tins of organic chickpeas, pasta, chocolate soya milk, small strawberry soya milks, soya cream, olive oil, oregano, cereal, high juice squash, eco friendly dishwasher tablets, eco friendly washing powder, recycled toilet rolls, tin foil, 12 tins of cat food and a box of dry cat food.

All that set me back £42.38, I had coupons but you can’t use the ones I have with an online shop so I will use them when I go to Sainsburys next time. With the £12 for the vegetables and £1.98 for 2 packs of organic puddings that my parents picked up for me when they passed the health food shop the total was £56.36 (about $81) so it was a pretty good week even without the coupons.

I had read about Alpro (my Mum and I both want to call the company Alpo after years of buying American dog food!) doing new organic vegan products and I stumbled across this soya cheese when I was searching for tofu etc with this order so I added some to the order to try.

It’s not as nice at Tofutti, it’s much sharper and the texture of it is more like soft cheese than cream cheese I think. I find it odd that it doesn’t actually say on the front of it what it is, it’s only in small letters on the back that it says it’s a dairy free alternative to soft cheese! The container isn’t all that big but at £1.29 it’s much cheaper than the Tofutti one. Jim didn’t seem to like it when I put it on his sandwich for lunch last week but he’s on a cheese and cucumber obsession at the moment, perhaps I will try this spread with cucumber this week and see what he thinks of it then.


So, what do you think?

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