Shopping For Food

This week my Mother and I hit up Sainsburys and the health food shop as well as a quick jaunt into Morrisons to get Piggle’s formula.

I bought; recycled toilet rolls, recycled kitchen rolls, chocolate soya milks, organic baked beans, organic dried parsley, 2 soya milks, organic vanilla soya milk, organic decaf fair trade instant coffee, white vinegar, organic haricot beans, extra virgin olive oil, fruit squash, organic sugar, macaroni, organic sunflower oil, 3 soya yogurts (one organic), margarine, cereal, biscuits, organic bread, baking powder, a courgette, organic tofu, a green pepper, half a cucumber, organic bananas, organic tomatoes, organic apples, organic mushrooms, scheese, 2 organic puddings, organic banana soya milk, 6 tins of cat food and night time nappies for Jim.

My total in the health food shop was £7.21, I spend £1.99 on Piggle’s milk after using my coupons and I spent £37.09 in Sainsburys after using £5 worth of coupons. So with the £12 for the vegetable box that is £58.29 (around $84) and sticks right around my average spend each week recently.

I shouldn’t spend that much extra for Christmas food as I am only providing the pizza we traditionally have on Christmas Eve (making home made pizza at my house for everyone) and I am also donating carrots and brussel sprouts from the vegetable box for the meal so those won’t cost me any extra. I’m roasting the sprouts here and then taking them to my parent’s house to be reheated so my Mother doesn’t have to figure out how to fit them in her oven! My Brother In Law (the vegetarian chef) are doing some sort of stuffed seitan roll for the vegan main dish, I’m making the seitan and he is doing the stuffing part of it, hopefully it will come out well and there will be enough left for Boxing Day which is at my sister’s house this year (making the most of us living close to each other this year!).


So, what do you think?

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