Butternut Squash Lasagna

Having 2 small butternut squashes in the box and feeling like trying lasagna again this recipe was just right for my needs. It has quite a few steps to it but it’s more complicated written out than it is to make, although the 40 minutes baking time does add to the length of time it takes to prepare considerably.

There is tofu in the layer with the squash and you add some of the squash to the sauce too so the whole thing is pretty yellowly orange when you’re done. I think if I make this again I will add some different vegetables to it or perhaps some vegan mince or something as it just needed a different flavour in there I felt. Instead of cooking the lasagna noodles first I used the Veganomicon method of pouring a cup of warm water over the whole thing before adding the final layer of sauce and the noodles cooked just fine. Whenever I’ve tried to cook the noodles ahead of time in the past I just end up with a pan full of noodles all stuck together so it’s far easier to do it this way and I’ll use the method whenever necessary in the future.

However, we all really enjoyed it and Piggle especially liked it and enjoyed it for lunch the next day too!


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