Paul’s Giner Fried Rice with Vegetables

I started to cook this one night by cooking the rice but couldn’t be bothered to make the whole thing so left it until the next night, which is fine as the rice is supposed to be cold anyway! I used white rice instead of brown as the boys prefer it and I’m also careful not to fill Piggle up on too many wholegrains as that could mean that he isn’t getting all the vitamins he needs.

It’s a pretty simple dish to put together once you’ve got the rice cooked, just stir fry the onion, ginger, carrots, courgette, broccoli and mushrooms, add some tamari and you’re done. The recipe also calls for bok choy but I couldn’t find any at all in the town I shop in so I used shredded cabbage instead and it worked fine. I even added the dash of cayenne that the recipe calls for and it added a really nice hint of heat to the dish so I’ll do it again. The only omission I made was to leave out the walnuts as I thought they just sounded odd in a stir fry.

I really enjoy fried rice and the boys seem to like it too so I’m sure this will make a repeat appearance in the nearish future when we have the vegetables to hand, yet another way to dispose of the dreaded broccoli!


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