Cabbage and Pasta Bake

So, this is what we had for dinner last night! It’s a really simple recipe, you boil your pasta, throw in the carrots for the last five minutes and then drain all that. In the same pan you simmer the cabbage with some stock, nutritional yeast and herbs (the recipe calls for caraway seeds but I don’t like that flavour so I used oregano). Then you throw in some crumbled tofu and mustard and heat it all through with some soya milk and cornstarch. When that’s all thick and bubbly you add the pasta and carrots back in and then bake it all for 20 minutes.

I always find that this book doesn’t use enough pasta so I doubled it. Next time I will just add half again as much as it calls for (making it one and a half cups) as there being too much pasta and me adding three times the soya milk to compensate obviously diluted the flavour a bit which didn’t occur to me until after I’d cooked it!

It’s a really tasty dish, although Jim wasn’t a fan of it as he’s having a love/hate relationship with tofu at the moment, but Piggle liked it and we both enjoyed leftovers for lunch today. I’ll make it again and hope it’s on a day where tofu is a yes for Jim!


So, what do you think?

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