Tofu and Broccoli with Hoisin-Ginger Sauce

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First outing for this new book and it looks like a good one to have, I am a big Robin Robertson fan and am trying to collect all her books when I see them for good prices. I read on her blog that she’s finished ‘1,000 Vegan Recipes’ so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a publication date for that. She’s apparently now working on a book called something like Vegan on the Cheap which should be a good addition to my collection someday too.

As I said previously we visited a brilliant Chinese Supermarket so there is a lot of Chinese on the menu this week. I managed to find a bottle of Hoisin sauce that didn’t have the words ‘consume within 5 days of opening’ which really annoys me because who the hell will use a whole jar in a week really? I also bought some extra firm tofu as I’d never seen the words ‘extra firm’ on any tofu before and I wanted to try it out.

The recipe is simple just like most Chinese dishes are. You don’t actually stir fry the broccoli, you steam it. The tofu is fried until browned (which always takes longer than it says but was worth the effort) and then you add a lot of ginger and some spring onions before adding the sacue which is the hoisin, some chili paste (I used garlic and chili sauce which I love and it worked really well), water and soy sauce. Once it’s all boiled together for about five minutes you stick the broccoli back in and then when it’s all hot you serve it up.

I served it over noodles that I also got on our shopping trip and they were really nice. I also fried up some spring rolls that I bought there. It was really funny when I got them out of the freezer and was opening the box as I’d assumed they were quite big spring rolls. I actually laughed out loud when I saw that the box contained 60 of them, they’re really small, so mainly pastry with a teeny tiny bit of vegetable in them and some seaweed by the taste of it. I put about an inch of oil in a saucepan and used that to deep fry them as they were so small and it worked out just fine.

My only minor complaint about this recipe is that it says it serves 4. My Mother was around to dinner so I served up 2 medium sized adult portions, a very small portion to Jim who decided to hate tofu last night (and as we all know is not a broccoli fan) and a medium sized portion to Piggle who wolfed it down along with 2 spring rolls. I can’t see that this would serve 4 hungry people, I’d say make half again as much as the recipe calls for to serve that many, or add a few other vegetables to it or something as if we’d not had the spring rolls as well we’d not have been filled up by this meal.

It was incredibly tasty though and all the ingredients I’d got from the Chinese Supermarket were wonderful, I’ve already started a list for the next time my sister gets to go or I get a chance to go (sans children next time though, please, so I can do more label reading) and more of this tofu will most definitely be on my list!


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