"Beef" and Broccoli in Vegetarian "Oyster" Sauce

This was another pretty easy stir fry from this book. I used tvp chunks in it which had been reconstituted using the recipe from another of Bryanna Clark Grogan’s books. The stir fry just has the chunks, mushroom soy sauce, broccoli, onion, garlic, ginger, vegetarian stir fry sauce (they’re not allowed to mark it as vegetarian ‘oyster’ sauce over here as it breaks a trading standards rule being as there’s no oysters in it…), some stock, a pinch of sugar and some salt (although the sauce is quite salty so that wasn’t really needed). It’s cooked your standard stir fry way so nothing tricky about it!

I served it over noodles from my Chinese supermarket haul along with some vegetable parcels I got at the same time which I fried. I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the parcels at all, the pastry was a bit odd and the filling really wasn’t my cup of tea. Jim, however, declared that they were delicious and ate quite a few so at least I know the rest of the huge bag will disappear over time!

We’re done with Chinese for this week at least. I was supposed to make fried rice but I had a night where I couldn’t be bothered to cook so the boys had tinned spaghetti on toast and I had some toast later on. I do really enjoy Chinese though but after overdosing a little this week I don’t think I will ever put so much of it onto one menu!


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