Carrot Burgers

These sounded quite nice and interesting but they turned out to be horrible… Piggle was the only one who ate a whole one, Jim and I had to make a deal that we would eat half of ours each and the leftover 3 were thrown away….

They are made from carrots (duh), onion, garlic, sunflower seeds, firm tofu, miso and tarragon. You basically stick it all in the food processor and the form it into burger shapes before baking them for 30 minutes. The recipe says that these are soft burgers but I think soft is an understatement, they just didn’t stay together at all, I think they needed some vital wheat gluten, flour or breadcrumbs to hold it all together or something and give it more of a bite as they were far too soft for my liking. They also had a strange taste, I found them really sweet which was a bit off putting for a burger and I didn’t use the sweet miso like the recipe called for but a darker one so with sweet miso they would have been even more awful I think.

I served them with roasted potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts so at least we filled up on other vegetables even though we didn’t eat the burgers…. You win some you loose some!


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