Off We Go Again!

So, I didn’t do so well with the posting as I made stuff huh?  I have a stack of cookbooks on my desk waiting to have posts written about recipes I made from them, opps!

Anyway, I can get of a few of them back onto the bookshelf right now!

First up was Basic Fried Rice from Authentic Chinese Cuisine


My rice looks all smushed up because it didn’t have time to cool fully between my cooking it and putting it in this dish, that’s what I get for not planning ahead.  This is a really simple and tasty recipe, the best fried rice I’ve ever made and I’ve tried it quite a few times!  You make scrambled tofu, fry your veggies, stick in the scramble, rice and some flavourings along with some tofu or seitan and then scoff the lot.

The first time I made this I used seitan (and didn’t blog about it) but this time I only had tofu to hand so I used the recipe for Asian Baked Tofu from The Candle Cafe Cookbook which is a recent acquisition of mine.  The recipe is really simple but I did modify it a tiny bit to use what I had to hand.  I used garlic sesame oil rather than garlic and sesame oil separately, this oil is a new favourite of mine that I picked up from the Chinese Supermarket in Leeds, I have it on my list to get another bottle next time I go!  I didn’t have umeboshi vinegar so I stirred in a bit of umeboshi paste instead and I also used a little bit of mango and chili dipping sauce instead of the crushed red pepper flakes.  I marinated my tofu for a few hours as I hate it when the outside is the only bit flavoured.  This was my first jaunt into the world of baking tofu and the results were really delicious, Jim went through picking out all the tofu first and then asked if he could have mine and Piggle’s too!

The next dish was White Bean and Butternut Squash Stew from the very long titled book 366 Healthful Ways to Cook Tofu and Other Meat Alternatives by Robin Robertson.


I was actually planning on making something else the evening I made this until I realised that the recipe took hours and I wouldn’t have time so I threw this together and it was very tasty.  The brown bits on top were veggie sausages, the recipe says to mix them in but I don’t like soggy sausages (these were Real Eat ones so they don’t stay firm like seitan sausages do) so I just put them on top at the end.

The stew has butternut squash (of course!), onion, garlic, tomatooes, beans (I used cannelini) and herbs.  We all really enjoyed it and I’m sure it will be a recipe I use again in the future.

So, that’s a start of the posts I need to catch up on.  I have photos of  3 vegetable boxes and the menus that went with them so I am definitely way behind!

Hope you like the new look, I think the trees are pretty.  I’ll be playing around with things and moving stuff about so please forgive any untidiness until I get it just how I want it!


2 thoughts on “Off We Go Again!

  1. I love the look of the new blog Anna, particularly the trees. Very fresh and green.

    Are the Realeat sausages nice? I tend to buy Linda M sausages as they are easier to come by (every supermarket seems to stock them) and they are often on offer for £1/bogof/1/2 price etc. I find they are best chopped up and used in a casserole, or smothered in sweet chilli sauce with some thai sticky rice etc (they are not that tasty plain, but they have a nice meaty texture when used in recipes). I’m still looking for the perfect vegan sausage 🙂

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