Yet More Soup and Vegetable Upside Down Cake


This is Sicilian-Style Broccoli, Potato and Parsnip soup, it’s a variation on he main recipe in The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen without the potatoes in it.

As with most soup it’s really simple to make and the ingredients are mostly listed in the title of the recipe along with some garlic, onion, extra virgin olive oil, thyme and stock.

You may have noticed that we eat soup quite a lot.  Both the boys seem to enjoy it (they’re both carb fiends so they like the bread that comes with the soup the best but can be convinced to eat soup with bread!) and I really like to make it as it’s quick and I feel like I can get a load of vegetables down them all at the same time, especially if I get the stick blender in it and they have no idea what they’re actually eating!


This is Vegetable Upside Down Cake from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest (first outing for this book I think), the photo is of it the right way up before I got brave and flipped it over!


This is a quite time consuming recipe, after you’ve chopped and cooked all the veg and then made the savoury cake topping you have to bake it for 30-40 minutes, but it was well worth the effort as it was really nice and both the boys enjoyed it (again, bread with vegetables, works almost every time!).  It also freezes and reheats well so Piggle has been having it for lunches on and off.

The vegetables are broccoli, onion, carrot, a pepper, frozen corn, spring onions and cauliflower (I used butternut squash instead of cauliflower and it worked out fine).  I added the optional cheese between the vegetables and cake layers as I had some that needed to be used up and both the boys like stuff with cheese in it (this was Cheezly).  The recipe does call for eggs but egg replacer worked just fine (the book is vegetarian not vegan).

So, a winner but it’s such a distinctive dish that it’s not one that can be made more than once every few months I don’t think, but I will definitely make it again.


2 thoughts on “Yet More Soup and Vegetable Upside Down Cake

  1. We LOVE this upside down bread/cake. I just use frozen vegetables and put them in the food processor, easy and quick. It does freeze well! It’s easy to take to lunch at work too!

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