Throwing Them All Out There

I’m tired of the books hanging around on the desk and of feeling behind on what I’ve blogged so I’m just going to throw out all the meals I have left to blog about in one post and then maybe, as I won’t be behind anymore, I will be able to blog as I go, we’ll see!


This is Ginger-Sesame Noodles with Brocolli from Quick Fix Vegetarian.  It was indeed very fast to make and also very tasty.  Next time I will halve the ginger though, I like it but this knocked our heads off a bit.

You mix tahini, brown sugar, mirin, red pepper flakes, tamari and water for the sauce then mix that with the cooked noodles and broccoli and some garlic and ginger.  It calls for roasted sesame seeds but Jim refuses to eat sesame seeds so I tend to leave them out of things.  This was a very simple and tasty dish and I’m sure I’ll make it again.


I’ve blogged this before, it’s Wheat Meat Stroganoff from Vegan Planet.  I didn’t have any sour cream or yogurt to add to it but it was still lovely.


This is the not very imaginatively named Cabbage and Noodles from 20 Minutes to Dinner.  Another really simple but tasty meal.  You cook your cabbage and some onions in broth and then mix it with pasta and stir in some sour cream (I used soured yogurt which worked fine).  There is some smoked paprika sprinkled on top for some added flavour.  We all enjoyed this one and it will be made again when I have cabbage overflowing out of the fridge!


This is a vegetable box from a few weeks back, I don’t remember if there was a menu for this, I think it may have been from the week that the boys were away so I just made simple meals for myself.  We got carrots, onions, potatoes, red pepper, mushrooms, red cabbage and savoy cabbage.


I can’t remember what this soup is but it’s the cornbread that I wanted to write about (I think the soup may have been the butternut squash ginger one thinking about it).  The cornbread was from The Joy of Vegan Baking and it was my first outing with this book that everyone is raving about.  I have to say that the bread was only passable, I’ve made much better ones and will probably use the other recipes I have rather than this one.  The picture in the book shows really flat bread and mine actually rose more than that but still wasn’t as nice as I usually make.  I am looking forward to trying other recipes from this book though as there are a ton of things I want to try.

Almost there now!


I found these packet mixes in Holland and Barrett (and have since seen them and more flavours in my local health food shops) and decided to give them a go as they’re pretty reasonably priced.  I bought the chicken style roast one and the lentil roast one.  We really enjoyed the chicken style one, Piggle in particular was stuffing it in his mouth as fast as he could!  The lentil one made a lot less than the chicken style one, it was hardly enough to feed 2 small children and myself.  Neither of the boys really liked it and I have to say it wasn’t that interesting.  I will be trying some other flavours though and buying more of the chicken style one definitely.


And last but most definitely not least this is General Tao’s Tofu which you can find on Vegweb, get your mouse over there right now and print this recipe off and give it a go, it is incredible!  I saw it on a blog last week when I was unsure about what to make for dinner and as I had all the ingredients and stuff for stir fry I whipped it up about an hour after reading about it.  You coat the tofu in cornflour and then fry it until it’s browned and crispy (this always takes longer than I expect and next time I will get it frying before I put the rice on to cook).  Then you make up the sauce (I went with what everyone else said and doubled the sauce and was glad I did as not only was it totally yummy but you needed all the sauce to coat the veggies I added).

The recipe just says to serve the tofu with steamed broccoli but instead I stir fried some veggies I had on hand while the tofu was frying and then mixed the tofu and sauce in with them at the end.  This was so nice that Piggle didn’t get a look-in at the leftovers, I ate them for my lunch the next day, and I’m looking forward to making it again in the future.  It’s not a particularly healthy dish what with the frying and the 8 (yep, that’s not a typo, 8 is right) Tablespoons of sugar that you put in the sauce if you double it, but for a Chinese treat here and there it’s wonderful and will come out over and over again for sure.

So, there you are, I’m all caught up now except for yesterday’s vegetable box which I’ve not made a menu for yet.  Tonight I am making a new recipe from Get It Ripe so I will try and post about that asap.  I’m sorry I’ve been so lax, I’m behind on most things online for some reason.  I do really want to get back up to speed with my food blogging though as I love talking about food and trying new things and I miss hearing from you all in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Throwing Them All Out There

  1. Yeah! Lots of posts! I am definitely going to try General Tao’s tofu very soon, i have some tofu in the fridge just waiting for the right recipe. And Vegan Planet is going to be on my Amazon wish list as of now – stroganoff is my most favourite meal in the whole world and i am going to try every vegan recipe i can find until i find a favourite.

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