Pumpkin Bread, Tamarind Lentils and Poppy Seed – Cornmeal Roti

Hah, so I bet you didn’t really expect me to live up to my ‘I’ll post again tomorrow’ claim, but here I am!

I used to bake one hell of a lot, almost daily in fact.  Baking is my kind of cooking, mindless measuring and mixing, following the recipe almost as written and generally zoning out and relaxing with something tasty to eat at the end.  Trouble is that when I bake stuff I eat it…  What with trying to loose weight and also trying to save money I basically stopped baking when I moved but I’ve had the urge the last few weeks and finally succumbed yesterday and made Miki’s Pumpkin Bread from La Dolce Vegan.


I love this recipe because not only is is really easy but it uses up the whole can of pumpkin (I have 2 more in my cupboard that go out of date in April so they need to be used up) and you get 2 loaves of bread out of it.  I didn’t have any walnuts so I stuck in the optional chocolate chips instead and they are great in it.

Something I learnt from reading The Joy of Vegan Baking is that one and a half teaspoons of powdered egg replacer should be used for each egg rather than the heaped teaspoon that is stated on the box.  When I’ve made this bread before it’s come out quite dense, which was fine and it tasted great, but this time using the larger measurement it’s come out a lot lighter and spongier which makes it all the better.

I’ve made this recipe several times now and I’ll keep making it as I love it.  Jim won’t touch it but I discovered today that Piggle will eat it so now I don’t have to eat both loaves by myself, although I am well on my way to doing so!


So I said I was going to make something out of Get It Ripe and I fully intended to until I was catching up with my blog reading and came across someone who had made these Tamarind Lentils from Veganomicon.  I didn’t even remember this recipe being in the book (but then there are so many!) and when I pulled it out to have a look I had all the ingredients so I decided to give it a go.

It was a really tasty meal and not that hard to make really.  However it took quite a bit longer than it should have done for some reason.  My lentils didn’t cook in the time the recipe said (I used green lentils) and the bread seemed to take forever to cook.  Then when we sat down to eat (much later than we should have, it was past both boys bedtimes) I discovered two things which kind of put me off my meal.

First, my pastry brush decided to shed it’s bristles into the bread as I was brushing on the oil.  This meant that we kept finding synthetic bits through the bread which really wasn’t what we wanted to be eating.  Secondly, the tamarind that I bought in the Chinese supermarket turned out not to be tamarind paste.  It didn’t mush up very well when I mixed it with the other ingredients but I figured it would melt into the lentils and be fine.  Turns out that I was wrong and not only were there large chunks of tamarind in the dish (you really don’t want to be eating the stuff in big chunks, trust me!) but there were also stones in there too…

So the pastry brush went in the bin and will be replaced with a silicon one as soon as I can afford one and lots of picking out tamarind occurred whilst eating the lentils.

But, we all really liked it, Jim even said could we have it again next week which is pretty amazing for him (and he munched through 2 bits of bread with me picking out the bristles as he went) so I will be making it again in the future but getting my timings right and picking out the stones and pureeing the tamarind before using it.

I did make the Get It Ripe dish tonight but I will post about it next time (not promising tomorrow, don’t want to jinx myself!).


So, what do you think?

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