The Good Shepherd’s Pie


We like Shepherd’s Pie here, in fact Piggle’s favourite food is anything involving smashy tatoes (his preferred method of consumption is using his fingers…).  This sounded like a new take on an old dish so I gave it a go and the result was pretty nice actually.

You cook your lentils (green again for us) in stock and boil your potatoes then smash them.  Then you fry up your veg (carrots, onion, garlic, celery or courgettes (we used the former) and mushrooms) and then add some flavourings and some tomato puree, mix them with the lentils, slam the mashed potatoes on top and bake it for 20 minutes.

Shepherd’s Pie is never hard to make, this one used 3 pans and a baking dish though which made me glad I have a dishwasher!  Jim and I enjoyed it, Piggle was not so keen on the lentil mixture but I will try pureeing it for him with the leftovers and see if he’ll eat it that way.  I’m still not convinced on the necessity of mushrooms in Shepherd’s Pie and I will probably leave them out when I make this again unless I have them to hand.

Another Get It Ripe winner, if you’ve not bought this book yet what are you waiting for?


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